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It's good, y'know

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Mötley Crüe


<*> Anyone can join. It's only fair
<*> Respect the other members.
<*> Anything goes. But please put NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images under a LJ cut with a warning
<*> If you have fanart, fanfic, or fan-anything-else, go on and put it up. Even if it's slash stuff where weird things happen between Mick and Vince.
<*>Most importantly, Nikki is mine. No-one else can have him. Fight it out between yourselves for the rest, but nobody gets Nikki

So there ya go. I'm your friendly maintainer (cyanidexxkisses). Any questions, email me and I'll get back to ya

~Ami Sixx

ps. If someone would like to make any icons or stuff, or do a layout, it'd be appreciated very much